Terms and Conditions

Small local grocery, greengrocers, butchers, restaurants & florists stores have spent decades developing their expertise and managing on-ground stores and are super successful in what they do. However, today everybody wants to order everything online. What’s are these stores to do? One could either spend time and energy building a website and an e-store.

Or, one could simply list your store with us.


Who Are We?

 We’re a team of hard working technicians and developers who have built a platform that allows small stores to list their goods online. When you list with us, you don’t have the hassle of setting up online and figuring out how to write with code. All you have to do is key in your business parameters (like your opening hours and inventory) and voila – your store is online! You’ll be able to completely control your inventory list and prices.

Through our platform, customers can discover your store and virtually order items from it. We’ll send those orders to you and you get them delivered to the customers. The customers will pay for the goods online and we’ll immediately transfer your payments to you less any transactional costs.


Unlike some other platforms we don’t believe in going through mountains of paperwork before we list you. All we ask you to do is read through our terms and conditions (we’ve kept them short and sweet) and accept them. Once you click on ‘I Accept’ and fill out the required information and then you’ll become part of our platform!

On to our simple Terms and Conditions:

Condition #1: Payments

Our chief aim is to help vendors and customers to connect with each other, but to do that we need to charge vendors a fee for listing on our platform. After all, our technicians and developers need salaries to buy groceries too!

We work on a simple payment model; All a participating business needs to pre-purchase tokens known as Purchase Access Tokens or PATs for short.

The access tokens purchased will be stored in the business own secure store wallet. Every time a transaction takes place thru our system, the system deducts appropriately from the access tokens purchased or store wallet. A customer will only be able to complete an order as long as you have adequate number of PATs in your store wallet. Pretty simple, don’t you think? No hefty commissions, no subscriptions.

You can find detailed information on PATs once you login into your dashboard

Once you have registered with us, our system will guide you in completing set-up of your store. ( else you can always reach out and we will set it up for you). Customers place orders with your store on our platform and pay online using Stripe Payment Gateway. Once a customer receives the goods , Stripe will automatically transfer the payments to your stripe account immediately, less any Stripe transactional costs.

Delivery amounts charged to the customer are also automatically transferred to the delivery agents. and any delivery charges of course.

A quick note about security – we have some pretty awesome computer security wizards who encrypt all payment information so both customers and vendors are protected. That said, in the case of external security breaches, we can’t be held liable. 

Condition #2: Pricing and Products

We recognize that the stores on our platforms are the experts at deciding which products to stock, maintaining inventories, and pricing their products. We will not get involved in that.

However, we do ask all the stores listed on our platforms to constantly update any changes in pricing or inventory on the platform. A customer who places an order for something only to be later informed that it’s not available will not be happy, trust us. In such scenarios, we’ll ask the customer to get in touch with you. 

Condition #3: Processing Orders and Delivering

Processing Orders: Once you have received an order, needless to say you will of course prepare the order with utmost care and ready for your customer to Pick-up and/or for delivery.

Delivery Orders: Our systems offer you an amazing choice of delivery mechanisms.

  • Inhouse Driver: You can add/nominate an existing employee as an in-house driver and allocate orders for them to deliver. Any delivery amount earned will directly be transferred to your account 
  • External Driver: You can choose to allocate your delivery to any of our many drivers registered on our system. By choosing external delivery, our system will AUTOMATICALLY assign the order to a suitable agent that meets criteria such as the suburbs they service or rating. Any delivery amount charged will be directly transferred to the delivery agent account after a confirmed delivery order.
  • Favourite Driver: Have a driver that you are very happy with? The choose our favourite driver option. Simple add a known external driver as your favourite driver and allocate a delivery to your favourite driver. Any delivery amount charged will be directly transferred to your favorite delivery agent account after a confirmed delivery order.
  • Your customer and of course yourself, shall always be kept up to date as to the status of the delivery order via emails or sms.

Condition #4: Cancellations

  • You’ve seen it in stores; customers reach the check-out online and then decide they don’t really need what they thought they did. In this case, it’s as simple as putting the item back on the shelf, but it’s a little more complicated in the world of online ordering.
  • If a customer wants to cancel their order, we’ll ask them to get in touch with your store. The cancellation can be issued at your discretion; you can work out the modalities and issue the customer a refund. We offer platfrom as a service to both vendors and customers and DO NOT involve ourselves with the actuals goods or services provided by the vendors.

Condition #5: Returns and Refunds

If a customer wants to return an item or order, we also leave that to the discretion of the store. If customers contact us asking to return goods, we’ll direct them straight to you. We offer platfrom as a service to both vendors and customers and DO NOT involve ourselves with the actuals goods or services provided by the vendors.


Condition #6: Delisting

If a store is receiving constant complaints from customers with issues such as poor product quality, expired products or consistently late deliveries, we’ll immediately remove the shop’s listing from our platform. We want to provide our customers with only the best – we’re sure you understand.

Condition #7: If you really want to get into the nitty gritties of our T& C’s click here Do you agree with our conditions? Then, we’re good to go, click on ‘I Accept’ below to list your store on our website. Happy Selling!